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I receive lots of QSL requests. My work schedule prevents me from answering them at times for up to several months. The best way to get a QSL card is to send a SASE to me with your QSL for the QSO. Cards received without a SASE will be mailed out twice a year. Cards received via the BURO will be answered twice a year when I ship cards to the ARRL. Thank you for your card. You can always drop me an email to request a card be mailed via BURO. I will air mail DX stations cards on a need determined basis. email: KØmd@arrl.net


1. I have not received a card yet, what do I do? I am sorry if I failed to reply to your QSL. I work as a cardiologist - and this consumes most of my time. I am a parent to four children and this consumes most of my time :) I do let QSL chores lapse from time to time. Email me at my qrz.com email address and request a card. I will comply. I may be away from home for two weeks at a time or three out of four weeks with work travel and hospital call. There are months of the year (March, August) when I cannot get to QSL cards easily.

2. Why do you insist on a SASE for US Hams? It makes sending the card out much faster. It takes me 15 seconds to process your QSL if you have a SASE and about 4 minutes if you don't. Which method is most likely to get a card quickly? Yes, the SASE. I also may not have envelopes or stamps handy when I have the 5 minutes in a given week to attend to QSL activities.

3. Your cards are spectacular, how do you make them? Thank you! I take a lot of pictures when I travel overseas. I use those pictures to create a montage for the QSL cards. I work with QSL works in South Dakota. Their graphic artists do the heavy lifting.

4. Do you use LOTW? Yes I use LOTW and am current for the last few years on it. I upload to it weekly. It is a wonderful tool - perhaps the most versatile and cost effective tool that QSLing has ever seen. I salute the ARRL for starting it and maintaining it. I struggled for some time to learn to use it and was encouraged to call the ARRL for assistance. I did and within ten minutes I was using it with ease. I am not a superUser but I have converted from a critic of it (out of frustration created by my own mistakes) to a vocal proponent. IF YOU USE LOTW, I CAN CONFIRM A QSO (FROM 2007 ONWARD) AT ANY TIME FOR YOU. Thank you ARRL!

5. WØSAA Cards - I am the Trustee for WØSAA. Please send me a SASE for a quick reply. I have had new cards printed up for the school station. W4MPY promised them to me before March 1, 2011 so if they arrive after that, I may not reply until April 2011.

6. Will you accept QSL requests from US /Canadian hams via the BURO? No, I cannot reply via the US Buro to you. Please send a SASE or email me if you do not have the funds to afford a SASE.

7. Will you accept QSL requests from all other amateur operators? Yes, and I will reply via the BURO to you.

March 2009 -2011 VP5/KØMD

I have answered most of these requests. Please don't forget to send a SASE. New cards were printed for 2011. If you want one of these for a past QSO, please email me. QSL requests after March 1, 2011 should contain a SASE for US hams. I will not reply to QSL requests from US/Canadian hams sent via the BURO.

2009 CE2/KØMD




Special cards were printed and are answered as time allows. I will not reply to QSL requests from US/ Canadian hams sent via the BURO.


I have replied to all of the QSL requests I have received. If you need a QSL from my time with the Beijing club, please email me.

 I use a
Force 12 Magnum 240 N two element yagi for 40meters.  It is 85% full size and has <2:1 SWR from 7.000 Mhz through 7300 Mhz. I consistently receive 5-9 plus plus signal reports from DX stations.Several have asked me what antenna I am using.


Many 40 meter yagis interact with 15 meter yagis. This onedoes not  It can be stacked within 5 feet of another yagi.


  • It is an easy antenna to assemble and I had Tom Schiller (N6BT) install a special switch to make it more broad-banded across all of 40meters.  Tom can build you this antenna anytime you want.




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